Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Chop Spotlight On: Amanda

Date of Big Chop: June 11th, 2012

Hair Type: 3c/4a

Reasons for doing the Big Chop:  "Although I loved the fact that texlaxed hair gave me fullness that I did not have with bone straight relaxed hair, I found the textures to be too varying with some parts being straighter than others. This became difficult to manage. I also wanted to give my body a break from the lye and other chemicals in relaxers and just grow out my natural hair. "

My new goals: "As a Naturalista, my new goals would be to grow my hair to it's full potential in it's natural state. I was able to achieve waist length with relaxed hair, so I'm looking forward to my natural journey and reaching the same length and greater thickness. I would also like to stay away from other chemicals like peroxide and harsh dyes and probably opt for rinses and/or henna if I have to colour."

Thank you for sharing :)

Join us in Congratulating Amanda on her new Natural Hair journey!

Hairlista Inc. Team

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hairlista Inc. Presents: Project Naturalista

Project Naturalista™ is a new movement on Hairlista Inc. geared towards raising more awareness and expanding the content/material about Natural Hair. Here on Hairlista, we strive to cater to all hair types, textures and styles. However, we are always looking for new ways to improve and increase content for our members. Through your cooperative efforts, Project Naturalista will increase the consciousness of Natural hair through targeted content just for naturals, showcase of progress/comparison pictures, transition success, and big chop milestones. We ask for your cooperation and participation as we begin to build and incorporate more content for your hair journey experience.

Thank you.

Hairlista Inc. Team

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tropic Isle + Hairlista = 15% OFF

Sams247 & Tropic Isle Living have been so kind to offer a 15% off discount to all Hairlista Inc. members. Be sure to use the promo code below on your next purchase!

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Hairlista Inc. Team
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