Saturday, January 18, 2014

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Castor Oil Challenge Pt. 8 Winners!!

Started: Saturday September 28th, 2013
Ended: Saturday December 28th, 2013

Winner #1

Anita L. participated in the Castor oil challenge at the Advance Level, which involved applying Castor oil to her scalp every other day and applying 1 tsp of Castor oil in her deep conditioner (using heat).  Congrats on your growth Anita!

Winner #2

Eureka U. joined at the Ultimate Level in the Castor oil challenge, which involved applying Castor oil to her scalp every other day, applying 1 tsp of Castor oil to her deep conditioner (using heat) and sealing her ends with Castor oil after moisturizing her hair. Congrats on your progress Eureka!

Thank you both for your participation in the Castor Oil Challenge Part 8. We appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm in the challenge. Your progress is inspirational and well deserved. Congrats again ladies. 

The wonderful people over at Tropic Isle have supplied the winners with generous prizes for having the most improved hair!

Prize #1: 

Tropic Isle Living Relaxed Hair Care System

8oz JBCO
Coconut JBCO Hair Food
JBCO Shampoo
JBCO Conditioner & Detangler
JBCO Protein Conditioner

Prize #2: 

Tropic Isle Living Natural Hair Care System

8oz JBCO 
JBCO Shampoo 
JBCO Conditioner 
JBCO Protein Conditioner
JBCO Hair Food

Thank you Tropic Isle Living :)

Enjoy your wonderful prizes Anita and Eureka

Please email your mailing address to: to receive your prizes as quickly as possible.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Castor Oil Challenge Part 8 - Last Day to Submit Photos (Jan 4th 2014)

Castor Oil Challenge is Over!!!

Submit your before and after (last day to submit Jan 4th 2014) pictures to:

Please Mention In Your Email:

  • The level you participated in i.e. Basic, Intermediate, Advance, Ultimate etc.
The Challenge Ended
December 28th, 2013.

Those who submit a photo will be eligible for a prize :)

The winner will be Announced January 12th, 2014

Good Luck!
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