Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hair Progress Spotlight On: Victoria Vaden

Hair Type: Currently, 3A (before pregnancy 2B) with dyed brown hair

I'm: Natural (for past 17 months)

How You Achieved Your Desired Length/Health: "I unofficially began my hair journey in January 2011 when I had to big chop my hair due to health reasons. I officially started my hair journey in February 2013 beginning at collarbone length. My initial goal was to regain my original hair length of BSL as I had my entire life. I achieved my current BSL hair length by growth aids; and listening to my body. I had to learn what products worked best for my hair, what ingredients were good/bad, and what a protective style was. I stopped using heat and gave up relaxers. I am still on my bun challenge that I started in Spring 2013. I've used several growth aids to kickstart and double my growth: Monistat, Hairfinity, prenatal vitamins and horse treatments. "

Your Best Hair Advice: "Believe in yourself and your journey. Friends and family most likely won't support you and will think what you're doing is ridiculous. Prove them wrong. "

Awesome! Thank you for sharing :)

Join us in Congratulating Victoria on her Hair Progress!

Have you reached your hair health/length goal yet? Or reached a point where you are extremely satisfied with your hair?
We would love to share your progress with the rest of Hairlista Inc.!

Please send us your before and after pictures to progress@hairlista.com along with:

  • "before" & "after" pictures along with dates for both
  • your hair type
  • your Hairlista Inc. username
  • state whether you are natural or relaxed
  • a brief description as to how you achieved your desired length/health
  • a helpful tip that assisted you along the way

Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Hairlista Inc. Team
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