Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August Poll Results Are In

The results for the August Poll are finally in! Here's what you Hairlista Diva's voted for:

What Hair Family Are You In?

70% said: They are in the 4a,b,c family
15% said: They were not sure
10% said: They are in the 3a,b,c family
3% said: They are in the 2a,b,c family
2% said: They are in the 1 family

Majority of the Hairlista Diva's said They are in the 4 hair type family. This hair type is the most difficult to maintain and care for since it's coarse and retains less moisture than the other hair types, yet there are so many healthy long haired ladies on Hairlista! Way to Go!!

Be sure to check out the new Poll for the month of SEPTEMBER!

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