Monday, September 24, 2012

Big Chop Spotlight On: Michelle

Date of Big Chop: Tuesday June 6th, 2012

Hair Type: 4a/b, 3c in the back.

Reasons for doing the Big Chop: "I officially big (small) chopped on (Tuesday June 6th) after transitioning for one year and two months. My dad had been battling stomach cancer and unbeknownst to us, it had came back. He was hospitalized the day before and my way of dealing with it was to chop off the last 2inches of my relaxed hair. My dad is no longer with us, but because of him I made a decision that I was procrastinating on."

My new goals: "My goal as a Naturalista is to continue giving my hair love and care and embracing it's natural form. My goal is also that my daughter is comfortable knowing that it is acceptable to be Natural and to embrace the way God made her."

Thank you for sharing :)

Join us in Congratulating TreasureChest on her new Natural Hair journey!
Hairlista Inc. Team

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