Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hair Therapy Wrap Giveaway!

In honor of Hairlista Inc. reaching 100,000 members we would like to give our members the chance of winning a Hair Therapy Wrap! It's cordless, produces moist heat, and it stays warm for up-to 20 minutes. It's perfect for those who do not like being tied down to one location i.e. it's ideal if you have chores to do around the house, bathing or relaxing!  It's extremely convenient.

The moist heat helps to open up the cuticles on the hair shaft allowing the deep conditioner to penetrate further into the cortex thus correcting and preventing hair damage. After using it you notice smoother, softer, moist hair. It's an asset to anyone who is on a Healthy Hair Journey!

Below is a photo of the product that will be given to the lucky winner. This is the new version of the Hair Therapy Wrap. It has new thermal gel packs that hold in heat longer than the older model. The gel packs can be heated through the microwave or on the stove. The gel packs are packaged separately from the Hair Therapy Wrap and they are designed to fit in each pocket of the Hair Therapy Wrap.

We are grateful for all the love and support Hairlista has received over the years. As a token of our appreciation and in celebration of Hairlista Inc. reaching 100,000 members, we would like to offer a chance for our Hairlistas to win a Hair Therapy Wrap of their own! Follow the instructions below to enter to win! Good luck.

Giveaway Begins: Monday August 26th, 2013 12:00AM EST
Giveaway Ends: Sunday September 1st, 2013 11:59PM EST

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