Friday, July 5, 2013

*MUST READ* Hairlista Inc. Rules & Guidelines

As we continue to grow online, a few guidelines and rules must be enforced to ensure that Hairlista Inc. remains a positive, classy, uplifting and safe environment for all members.

Hairlista Inc. imposes strict rules regarding site activity/participation, please click here for more details.

- Hairlista Inc. Team


  1. Your professionalism is a breath of fresh air in the african american beauty community. Others treat their sites as personal playgrounds. Your site is to be admired for its business-like outlook and attitude.

  2. I love your rules. I love your site. I love how you say argue with the topic, not the person...because I am a debator by nature. I dont do it spitefully but it is moreso driven because I love to question new ideas...afterall I am a scientist.

  3. You are awesome Sunshyne!


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