Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hair Progress Spotlight On: Ashly P

Hair Type: 3c

I'm: Relaxed

How You Achieved Your Desired Length/Health: "I achieved my desired length by keeping it simple, the weekly deep condition, protein treatment as needed (protein sensitive), GHE overnight, Castor and EVOO Pre-Proo, Protective styles, low manipulation etc."

Your Best Hair Advice: "The most helpful thing to me on my journey was to make taking care of my hair a daily activity."

Thank you for sharing :)

Join us in Congratulating Ashly P's on her Hair Progress!

Have you reached your hair health/length goal yet? Or reached a point where you are extremely satisfied with your hair?
We would love to share your progress with the rest of Hairlista Inc.!

Please send us your before and after pictures to along with:

  • "before" & "after" pictures along with dates for both
  • your hair type
  • state whether you are natural or relaxed
  • a brief description as to how you achieved your desired length/health
  • a helpful tip that assisted you along the way

    Hairlista Inc. Team

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