Monday, October 29, 2012

Big Chop Spotlight On: Chris Ligon

Date of Big Chop: May 7, 2012

Hair Type: 4A/B curly hair

Reasons for doing the Big Chop: "What prompted me to Big Chop for a 2nd time was I dyed my hair and grew tired of the color. I also believe it was causing moisture retention issues and drying out my coils. With the information and experience I gathered from the 1st BC, I felt confident a 2nd BC would be easier for me to achieve very healthy natural hair. I prefer to cut the hair and start over `vs` trying to salvage damaged hair.

I was 3 months shy of 1yr Anniversary from previous BC

New Big Chop Results.....TWA with a little remaining color for highlights

August 21,2012 (3 months post 2nd BC)..."

My new goals: "My current hair goals are finding ways to style my current EL TWA. As of now I rely heavily on Fingercoils (pic'd) and Shingling. Long term goal is to maintain healthy hair and to not cut my hair again for at least 2 yrs. I do not have a set length goal..but I will be thrilled once I reach Pam Grier SUPER fro status. Until then I'm utilizing patience and slightly indulging my inner product junkie." 

Thank you for sharing :)

Join us in Congratulating JetSet Chris on her Natural Hair journey!

Hairlista Inc. Team

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